Whether you have a family or you are doing it by yourself, having a baby can be very stressful. Support, guidance, and relaxation are a necessary for mom, dad, and baby in order to stay strong and healthy throughout the physical, mental and emotional adjustments of trying to conceive or getting ready to deliver a baby.

Women's Service

Recently delivered, have a baby on the way, or still trying?  Attune to You women's services are here to support you.  Life can get difficult and stressful. For some; pregnancy, delivery, or trying to conceive will be the most difficult thing they will face. Fertility and birth services can be beneficial to the entire family.  Stress to a woman's body and mind can cause aggression, resentment, fear, anxiety, fatigue, emotional instability, pain and frustration. The body is in constant flux, hormones rise and fall, which can make you feel uncharacteristically emotional, or in some cases completely numb and confused.  All of these things can cause friction in relationships. However, it doesn't have to stay that way. Allow Attune to You to support and care for you in this, your time of need through education and connection as well as pain relief with personalized and comforting massage. Learn more about Fertility Massage or Prenatal Massage by clicking the links below.


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The Reward

Each session is designed with your particular needs in mind.  It can be just for her, just for him, or a couple's session where you will learn to reconnect in a loving and nurturing way improving communication and comfort with your partner through touch. The value of these sessions is in reminding you that you are more than just the baby and giving yourself the moment to express and be in the moment.

What are the risks?

While massage itself is relatively safe, there are a few conditions that warrant a doctor’s release before proceeding.  This is to keep mom and baby safe and healthy.  (List of conditions)