How Does Massage Benefit People Suffering From Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

depressed young man sitting on a rock

Within the PTSD community, massage therapy can provide relief from symptoms associated with the disorder such as chronic stress and anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, muscle aches and twitches, increased blood pressure, headaches, and fear of physical contact.

With Attune to You it isn't just massage for the muscles, but a whole body therapy. The things you can expect from your time with me is

  • Open Communication

  • Comfort and Understanding

  • Privacy

Open communication is encouraged, no subject is too sensitive. You are free to express yourself, your goals, your fears, your needs - there is no judgment here. All concerns and questions will be addressed with the upmost care.

Everyone is at a different level of need, understanding, ability, communication, consent, and trust. Every level can be worked with, from "no-touch" to avoiding trigger words or phrases, or even explaining every step as we work.

Your privacy is important to me. If you can't trust your therapist then how will you be able to relax enough to begin your recovery?

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