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Through Professional and Personalized Massage You Can. . .

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Be Free From Pain

Are you tired of living with pain? You have searched the town, books, and the internet for anything (everything) to give you just a little bit of relief.  However nothing you have tried has worked for long , if it worked at all.  Know that you are not alone.  Attune to You understands that pain and would like to offer you and alternative: massage therapy. Thousands of people suffer with chronic pain everyday, and thousands of people find relief through some form of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) manipulation. 


Attune: to bring something or someone into a harmonious or responsive relationship with something else. To be attuned is to adjust to it and becoming aware of the way it works, understanding and appreciating it.

Attune to You, LLC is here to bring about balance and harmony within your mental, physical, and emotional self by empowering you to learn and understand how your muscles work and how everyday life effects your body and health. Once you understand your body and how the muscles are affected by your environment we can begin to improve health, flexibility, stamina, and clarity.  With regular massage therapy and self-care education you can look forward to a life with less pain.

Each session is modified to meet your current needs and future goals.   Take the next step forward towards rest, relaxation, and recovery by scheduling an appointment with us.

Benefits of Massage
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Manage Pain

with problem specific bodywork

The effects of pain can be debilitating.  Massage can offer relief and support so that you body can begin to heal properly.

Always remember that while you are receiving massage therapy services, staying hydrated and eating healthy is an important part of maintaining energy and helping the muscle repair .