When you really want a massage but you have already made plans, Attune to You has the solution

Onsite Massage for Groups

Attune to You doesn’t believe you should have to miss out on the joys and responsibilities of your life in order to enjoy the benefits of massage.  That is why I am available where ever you need to be for the people and things that are important to you.  A brief chair or table service during these events could be beneficial in creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere while showing your appreciation for others.

​​Consider Attune to you for onsite group massage services:

  • during a reunion with your family or friends

  • on a girls night-in party

  • during a guys night-in

  • when you are hosting a product party (ex. Scentsy, Mary Kay, Tupperware)

  • during your regular game night with friends

  • while you celebrate

  • the day before or day of your wedding

  • after the game

  • to show appreciation

  • before, during, or after an event

  • when your group gets done with a show

  • just because

Please Note: Advanced notice is required for groups.  Please send in the request form for a quote.