A great many employees call out of work due to stress related symptoms.  Office morale and productivity are decreased while profit loss, medical expenses, and employee turn around increases.

Keep Your Team Focused With Onsite Massage

In a recent study by the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, accidents caused by overexertion ranked #2 in the top 10 causes of injury in the United States.  Also, the CDC listed that adults (18+) reported more physical and mental sick days in Mississippi than most other states. Injuries usually occurred through repetitive motion such as typing, lifting heavy objects, or working in awkward positions. While long hours, stressful projects and deadlines attributed to mental fatigue and anxiety.


Work loss and medical cost per employee averaged about $7,400. That is a lot of money and time you as an employer will have to spend on exhausted employees; not including overtime or hiring and training new employees to replace those that are no longer able to continue with your company.

Some employers plan raffles or hold sales contests.  Other employers may throw office parties or provide bonus incentives in order to keep employee productivity high.  Unfortunately, in most cases, this spike in productivity is short lived and the cycle of stress related sick days and turn around begin again.

Attune to You would like to offer you an inexpensive and healthy solution: massage in the office place. A quick 10 - 15 minute massage and stretch is beneficial in the team building experience and increasing loyalty to the company and its mission.  It can decrease stress, workplace injuries and pain, while increasing energy, improving productivity, and employee morale. Receiving massage yourself may also help to balance out the taxing responsibilities that come with leadership.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage isn't just a good rub down like most people once thought.  Massage can have an effect on the immune response, digestion, circulation, muscle and joint health, as well as your emotional and mental state.  You and your staff will experience:

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced stress

  • Relief to sore muscles

  • A boost to the immune system

  • Improved range of motion

  • Focused treatment for repetitive stress symptoms

Services Available

  • Monthly Chair or Table Massage

  • Independent Contracts

  • Massage for Public Events

  • Massage at Employee Events

It's easy to get started, just fill out the request form and submit it.  If you would like Attune to You to be part of an event you are holding fill in this request form and submit it.  We will set up a consultation to review the information provided and finalize your request.