The harder you work, the more your body needs to repair and recover.

Pain Management - Athletes

Athletes and weight trainers often go through rapid growth or loss of muscle mass.  Training hard and long for hours at a time usually 5 to 7 days a week.  This extensive training can put a strain on muscles, joints, and even hormone regulation causing sleep disorders, frequent or easy injury, illnesses,  mood and mental irregularities, and eating disorders.


Your muscles may become more tight and inflexible leaving your feeling stuck in places and unable to stretch out completely. If you are a professional bodybuilder that inflexibility may affect your performance during a show because your muscles are unable to expand and move as they should.


One solution to excessive training is regular massage therapy.  With techniques such as Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, some benefits are lengthened muscles, decreased strain on the nervous system, and alleviation of muscle fatigue. Massage also offers relief and support so that your body can heal properly.


Some conditions may require support from a chiropractor, primary care provider, or other specialist.

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